Welcome to my Ajax Playground

This page as well as my ( Node.js page ) demonstrates basic retreival of dynamic content within the page without a page refresh along with support for browser history via the browser forward/backward button.

<== Make a selection in the Sidebar to the left.

The sidebar 'buttons' have been repurposed for the demo and are hrefs to non-existent pages(the pages are not needed since they are never used). This allows aformentioned browser 'history' feature to work. The hrefs trigger 'on click' calling a javascript routine that retrieves a corresponding .txt file from the server using an Ajax XMLHttpRequest( ) and styles it to a color depending upon the file - there is code in the js that can also extract the '#guts' of a corresponding html page.

my website tools diagram

Note we stay on the Home Page even though we select different content (notice on the URL bar there is no reload - this displays that we have complete control over the page and it's dynamic content!)