It's all about Me


I am a curious and energized technical leader who over my career have intentionally held rotating positions between hardware, software, and leadership. My career has focused almost exclusively on embedded communications systems (telephony, switches, and routers). I have had amazing opportunities to work with great people, and have built and led high performing teams. Together, we have built industry-leading products. I have worked on most everything from board/ASIC development (Verilog/Synopsis/Crystalis) to writing protocols and chip simulators in C/C++. It is fun working with smart people and "Standing on the shoulders of giants."

I particularly enjoy learning. I spend most of my time (a full week and sometimes sabbatical if you will...) working on, and having fun learning, a ton of new things I've just never had time to explore. This past summer I went to work tuning up my software technical skills, focusing on algorithms, data structures and multi-threading/processes (Searching/Sorting/Big-O, etc - some great websites for this). Having always wanted to learn Python, I did my "tune-up" work in Python wading into its eco-system of Machine Learning (numpy, scipy, and pandas). I then worked on some IOS / APP development using Swift/X-code. More recently, as this website demonstrates, I have been working on AWS cloud hosting and a myriad of the latest web development tools associated with DevOps and Full Stack development. Thank God for Google!

I bring a lot of energy and excitement to the positions I hold and am looking forward to my next opportunity.